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I always told myself I wouldn’t let them win…
God I said it with all my heart.
But they won.
I can’t say we were the most adored couple
I’m so confident there was so much negative energy thrown towards us
The positive energies were not enough.
And whats worst is that most of this negative…

I call you my sun

You may think it’s because of the shade of your hair

the color that is too beautiful to share.

It’s not tho, and here’s the thing

It is so much deeper than led to believe.

You may also think it’s the way that you dress

Oh to love you, I can’t even explain

It’s like flying a plane.

Except when it lands, all is still there

Altogether with the gratitude,

I still feel in the air.

Oh to love you, I can’t even say

It’s like a ship out of the bay

With all the wind, and with all the speed

and I don’t even have to plead.

Oh to love you, I must confess

Theres no better hobbie

So I must obsses.

I wished to have you

On my deepest dreams

But you never wished

To be my soft gleam.

The much that I loved you,

Should’ve been all

To at least get me

a two-minute phone call.

We never danced to a toast of champagne

But kissed so deeply in the rain,

And for me that was it

No more lust to be.

But for you it was nothing

Not even a bit

Of the true luxury you deserved to ommit.

The much that I loved you, made me forgive

But never truly understand your motive.

You feel like fresh drags of cigarettes on a stressfull day

Like a light of hope that sparks through the lit candle

Smelling so pure, so real

Bringing in slight scent to the room where I keep my conceal.

Although to me you seem like you could be

The breath of fresh air after a long sleep,

I must admit I thought of you true,

Only the light that never gets through.

Not cause its low, or not cause its pale,

But because my room is no avail.

Not due to you, but yes due to me

And the precise idea that I can’t be.

I try and I try, but can’t seem to reach

the unexplainable point of that speech.

So as much as I wish to, I can’t ask for more

Cause I can’t be the girl you wish to adore.

Tearing Roses Apart

Yesterday I tore roses apart

At first I thought

Why would I do that? They are so beautiful and fragile

They laid in my hands and I could’ve done anything to them

But I decided to tear them apart instead of placing them in the water



Just some stuff I write :)

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